Institute Management System

Management System for all types of educational institutions like Schools and Colleges.

School Administration

Manage and Control the Total School

Accounts (Fee Management)

Fee Management, Expense Management, Invoice Generation, Payment History


Manage Students and Academic Activities

Student Management

Collaborate with school activities include exams, marks, class routine and Communication with Teachers


Get Child’s Academic Updates, Communication with School Administration

Library Management

Organize, Issue and Keep Track of Books

Institute Management System for Schools, Colleges and Universities


  • Highly Secured Multi Login Page
  • All in one Dashboard Summary
  • Teacher Account Management
  • Parent Account Management
  • Class and Section wise Student Management
  • Daily Attendance Supervision
  • Exam Scheduling
  • Class routine Management
  • Exam Marks, Grade Management
  • SMS sending of students marks to attached parents phone number
  • Academic Syllabus Collaboration
  • Student profile and mark sheet view
  • Invoice generation and fee management
  • Transport route, school vehicle management and student attachment
  • Dormitory, Hostel and student attachment

Multi User System

Access for admin, teacher, student and parent

Daily Attendance

Managing Daily attendance is now hassle free

Student Fees Management

Manage student fees very easily

Homework Document

Attach and download study documents

Library Management

Systematic management of all library books

Class sections

Organize classes in multiple sections for an easier management

SMS Gateway Integration

Get informed about student marks and events with SMS Notifications

Responsive User Interface

System will run over all kinds of devices seamlessly

Internal Messaging

Private messaging between admin, student, teacher and parent

Parent monitor child activity

Parents can monitor all the activities of their child

Class routine schedule

Very easy to create and manage class routine schedules

Exam Marks Management

Manage exam marks of all students

Transport Management

Transport management for all routes

Account Management

Trace Students fees and expenses all at one place


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