Private Cloud

Private Cloud


Managed Private Cloud (MPC) offers most mid-to enterprise size businesses the most flexible and cost effective single tenant cloud service possible.

Built to Suit Client Access

The most customizable product offering in our Infrastructure-as-a-Service portfolio, each Managed Private Cloud (MPC) is built from the ground up, and architected to suit client access. Our skilled infrastructure architects work with you to design a solution that meets your exact IT and business needs.


  • We start with an extensive requirements and assessment study to evaluate your business’ specific workloads, to build to spec
  • Dedicated infrastructure architects design and build a solution just for you
  • Premium Construction – built to last for years, ready to occupy in weeks
  • Migration Services – we can move you quickly and seamlessly to your new Managed Private Cloud (MPC) with Migration Services, free of charge with a 2 or 3 year contract

Designed for Mission Critical Apps

Some cloud service providers use the words “private” loosely when marketing their partially dedicated compute infrastructure. This might be fine for others, but we take “private clouds” seriously.

Each Private Cloud is dedicated to a single customer. We deliver enterprise class virtualization architecture and years of cloud infrastructure experience, for unparalleled security and performance.

We meet the mission critical demands of our clients, and have successfully designed some of the most complex and performance oriented cloud environments in the world today.


  • Multiple high performance processors available, including latest generation of Intel® processors
  • 10 and 40 Gbit low latency switches to ensure that the network is never a bottleneck
  • Multiple, standard SSD Accelerated storage options offered
  • Latest version of VMware vSphere™
  • Dedicated instance of VMware vCloud® Director
  • Support packages available for complex infrastructure environments

Leverages the Power of vCloud® Suites

The vCloud® Suite by VMware® is designed to give MPC clients the self service capabilities and operations management software necessary to effectively operate their IT environments.

vCloud® Suite delivers on the promise of a ‘private cloud’ and features point and click access to provision any type of resource, and granular role based access control to keep IT resources managed.

PRIVATE CLOUD features these vCloud® Suite features:

  • Self Service provisioning of compute, storage, and network
  • Single sign-on and Active Directory for efficient user management
  • Granular role based access control lets IT team extend their available resources
  • High performance VPN and firewall technology delivered in a simple to configure interface
  • Single pane of glass for all of your private cloud resources
  • vCenter Operations Manager offering insight into environment performance

Ability to Grow as Needed with No Up-front Capital

We understand that being a fast growing company can put a strain on your capital. Unlike other private clouds, the Managed Private Cloud can be built with no upfront costs.

Designed to support the challenges of planning for business, technology and service growth, Managed Private Cloud is a cost effective option to buying, deploying, and managing your own virtualization environment. It lets you save company capital for staff and business needs, not for your IT growth.


  • Deploy highly customized solutions without using your own capital
  • Grow your infrastructure as needed and as fluctuating demand requires
  • Fast deployment times for new resources, to ensure you do not have to overbuy resources
  • Affordable option for cash strapped startups, no need to settle for inflexible multi-tenant environments

Our Experts Work for You

We have assembled teams of virtualization and infrastructure experts from around the globe to manage and support our Managed Private Clouds (MPC). It provides specialists in all facets of IT infrastructure, each keenly positioned to help our clients solve the hardest technical challenges.

As a MPC client, you are treated like a VIP. Our teams of engineers work 24/7 to ensure your cloud environment has the attention it requires, and help reduce the strain on your internal IT resources. We also offer optional support packages for more intense infrastructure environments.


  • Highly certified technical engineers and architects, available where and when you need them
  • Required to be VMware® VCP certified cloud infrastructure engineers
  • Engineers, stationed around the world to provide support to our global client base
  • Available on a direct call and advanced support basis, for an even higher level of service

Flexible Contract Terms

Known for our flexibility, it can deliver nearly any contract term required.

Many clients leverage Managed Private Cloud for their critical production environment, and choose to re-purpose their cost savings each month towards a long-term deployment.

We also welcome and support clients with shorter term needs, with contract periods as short as a year in length. We believe that by providing flexible term options, we can offer all our clients optimum agility with their IT consumption.

OUR MPC contracts can be written to include:

  • Ramp schedules
  • Contract terms ranging from 1 to 5 years
  • Monthly OpEx payments
  • Ability to co-terminate your contract with other services
  • A variety of hardware, software and storage options

Proven implementation processes


Economies of scale


Next generation hardware



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