Terms & Conditions

- By Secure Brand & Technololgies -
  • All the prices mentioned on the website are exclusive of applicable taxes including but not limited to service tax of 14.5 %
  • Quotation for a project is only valid for 30 Days from the date it was provided, other than if specifically mentioned in the business proposal mail/attachment (final proposal mail/attachment in case of multiple).
  • Payments for Server/SEO/Digital-Marketing are always 100% in advance.
  • Number of days to deliver the services might vary depending on the (if) delays or postponements made by the client for data/information/installments.
  • Client will be provided with the demos &/or reports &/or analytics (if applicable to the service provided)
  • Kindly Read the quotation and features mentioned carefully and ask for any questions/modification required before making the payment (initiating the project).
  • you agree that the prices decided at the time of initial payment to initiate the project is final and can not be changed and/or bargained for in future.
  • in case of cancellation of the project you are liable to pay for a sum of resources that we purchased/paid for your project including but not limited to open-source/closed source paid technology,written codes, scripts, snippets,designs,functions,media content,images,video,audio,plugins,extensions,code-snippets,themes,frameworks,cms,cmf,stylesheets,tools,softwares,modules etc without any limitations, written in any programing language and dependent on any platform to provide the functionalities for the project plus a minimum of design/development hours fee not less than 25% of the total project cost.
  • Any feature/functionality other than the explained in the quotation will be considered out of scope and will be charged additionally.
  • for any website/web-system/web-application/portal/eCommerce system/any other kind of application or software development/design, you¬†explicitly understand and agree that we can use any sort of open-source/closed source, free/paid technology including but not limited to more than one type programing languages, pre-existing codes, scripts, snippets, designs, functions, media content, images, video, audio, plug-ins, extensions, code-snippets, themes, frameworks, cms, cmf, stylesheets, tools, softwares, modules etc without any limitations, written in any programing language and dependent on any platform/OS to provide the functionalities for the project as in the business proposal.
  • in case of any dispute or even breach of this agreement, interpretation of terms and conditions by ‘secure brand and technologies’ will be final.
  • Further Applicable Terms and Conditions as on:
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    2. Terms and Conditions for SEO, SMO and other related services

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